Black Rock Turnpike Home Road Sold for $870K in July

Fifteen properties were sold during the month of July in Redding.


667 Redding Road: Betsy Davidson (fka Crane) sold the property to Noel C. and Jennifer K. Roy on July 2 for $872,500.

22 Drummer Lane: Gary N. and Megan M. Valentine sold the property to Samuel J. Mende and Martha O. Richardson on July 2 for $899,000.

157 Black Rock Tpke: Wells Fargo Bank NA sold the property to Petra Paula Rojas on July 2 for $550,000.

94 Hopewell Woods Road: General Real Estate Holdings LLC sold the property to Harold & Lauren Heinz on July 3 for $562,000.

24 Bayberry Lane: Marc and Daphne Z. Rich sold the property to Benjamin R. & Nancy C. Kelley on July 3 for $402,250.

64 White Birch Road: Federal National Mortgage Association sold the property to Christopher Nocito on July 5 for $205,000.

41 Deacon Abbott Road: Ronald P. and Heidi E.O. DeGraw sold the property to   Joel Kaplan and Kathleen D. Bryant-Kaplan on July 10 for $699,999.

63 Sport Hill Road: Ronald J. Weir sold the property to Elizabeth E. Jensen on July 12 for $440,000.

25 Farview Farm Road: Janice L. Flynn sold the property to Jeremy L. Pemberton on July 12 for $1,900,000.

134 Umpawaug Road:  German Ramirez sold the property to Irwin and Cathleen Gelman on July 17 for $575,000.

124 Gallows Hill Road: James W. Bolster, Jr. and Linda J. Bolster sold the property to Joan M. Tauber on July 19 for $435,000.

41 Lamppost Drive: Timothy Murphy & Mylene Sese-Murphy sold the property on July 23 to  Kenneth J. Clements & Deborah Bueno for $545,000.

109 Black Rock Turnpike: Flagpole Holdings, LLC sold the property to Rountos Family, LLC  on July 24 for $870,000.

30 Umpawaug Road: Peter & Marissa Latshaw sold the property to Karen C. Warren, Trustee on July 25 for $562,000.

43 Highland Avenue: Axel Tryde sold the property to Brian Seacord and Kerri B. Farley on July 30 for $305,000.


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