Banks Drive Home Sold For $1.875M in Weston

Thirteen properties were sold in Weston during the first half of August.

(Editor's note: The following information was supplied by the .)

On Aug. 2, the estate of Thomas Studwell sold the property at 39 Salem Road to Dana Coates for $295,000.

On Aug 2., F. Brewster and Janice Bassett sold the property at 205 Weston Road to Anthony and Mica DeSantis for $670,000.

On Aug. 6, Roger Munford and Kathryn McFarland sold the property at 436 Newtown Turnpike to Matthew and Francesca Fournier for $600,000.

On Aug. 6, Peter Mendelson sold the property at 9 Steep Hill Road to Wendy Vlader for $667,500.

On Aug. 6, Robert Walpuck sold the property at 27 Indian Valley Road to Washington Mutual Bank for $841,554.55.

On Aug. 7, Carol Hallac sold the property at 27 Pheasant Hill Road to Jeffrey and Melissa Muller for $1,150,000.

On Aug. 7, Jay Silverstein and Wendy Vlader sold the property at 273 Lyons Plain Road to Rachel Dubow and Peter Mendelson for $1,475,000.

On Aug. 8, C Rice, LLC sold the property at 44 Ridge Road to Biao Lu and Linlan Xie for $1,425,000.

On Aug. 8, Peter and Karen Constant sold the property at 8 Banks Drive to American International Relocation Solution for $1,875,000.

On Aug. 8, American International Relocations sold the property at 8 Banks Drive to Robert Winslow for $1,500,000.

On Aug. 10, Alexander and Medeleine Szabo sold the property at 9 Silver Ridge Common to Neil Spencer and Isabelle Bancic for $937,500.

On Aug. 13, Lisa Hume sold the property at 446 Newtown Turnpike to Justin and Gillian Donovan for $375,000.

On Aug. 15, Marc and Deborah Breslawsky sold the property at 51 Eleven O’Clock Road to Ronald and Gloria Reynolds for $910,000.


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