Awaiting a Hurricane, Man With Dementia Points Shotgun at Wife, No Parking Without Shopping

A roundup of the major headlines around the area for Wednesday, Aug. 24.

Surviving an earthquake, anticipating a hurricane

East Coasters withstood yesterday's earthquake, but it appears Mother Nature is readying more foul weather for the region. Currently classified as a Category 3 storm, Hurricane Irene might roll through Connecticut sometime Sunday or Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

In case your emergency preparedness plans and skills are a little dusty, here are some tips to consider in case a natural disaster occurs.

And speaking of Irene. . .

Will Hurricane Irene foul up Irene Rios' wedding? Only time will tell.

Rios is scheduled to marry fiancee David Knauf Sunday in West Haven. Despite the possibly ominous forecast, the couple — who began planning their nuptials more than a year ago — remains optimistic.

Redding man with dementia points shotgun at wife

A 73-year-old Redding man who suffers from dementia thought his wife was an intruder and held her for a bit at shotgun point, Redding Police reported.

A dispatcher was able to convince the man to put his gun down and let his wife leave the scene. When police showed up at the residence, they confiscated the man's gun. The man was charged with reckless endangerment.

Norwalk Police Department cracks down on car rallying

Parking your car at Wal-Mart but not going in to shop? That's a ticketing!

After a complaint from Wal-Mart's management that many people were parking in the store's parking lot but not shopping, on Tuesday the Norwalk Police Department ticketed 79 drivers for trespassing there.

The ticket carries a $92 fine.

Everything you wanted to know about planking

Lying down and making yourself stiff as a board: To some, the global fad is at best boring and at worst stupid. But to others, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread — PLANKING.

Take a hop, skip and a jump on over to New Canaan Patch, where CP Goldberg analyzes the cultural phenomenon that for whatever reason is sweeping the nation.


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