Is Divorce Stressing You Out?

The causes of stress are different for everyone but no one will argue that divorce is one of them.

The causes of stress are different for everyone but no one will
argue that divorce is one of them. Whether you have chosen to divorce, or are
being left by your spouse, your emotions will range from hurt, anger, fear,
sadness, resentment and guilt, to mention just a few.

Divorce is a monumental change in your life. It is natural to
worry about where you will live, your finances, your children, & your career. Questions such as how you
will find a job if you are moving, how you will juggle your job without the
help of your spouse, how you will re-enter the job market are all common place.
What will happen to friendships with mutual friends or how to find love again
are equally natural concerns.

in the midst of this emotional turmoil and the stressors of an already busy
life, is an unfamiliar, time consuming project called “DIVORCE”. You already
can’t imagine being able to navigate your day to day tasks without being
overcome by emotions that will interfere with your job and your children’s
lives. You need an empathetic ear and a helping hand.

the help and support of a non-critical and non- judgmental friend or relative.
If you don’t have someone who fits the bill, and depending on your beliefs and
finances, use a professional, go to a support group or talk to a cleric. And
don’t you be critical of yourself.

a later part of the divorce journey, when you are further removed from your
initial emotions you should consider examining what problems you brought to the
relationship and what you can do differently in future relationships with
friends, family and potential partners.

are entitled to have fun….and if you are reading this as you begin the divorce
process, you can not image that divorce will and does bring unimagined
opportunities, new friendships, and positive shifts in relationships. Great
growth and personal development can come from the divorce experience. And
although no one goes into a marriage hoping for a divorce, this like many of
life’s unexpected transitions, can have a silver lining.

"Divorce Information Now" is an ongoing
column. Readers are encouraged to submit questions about divorce in the comment
stream and we will respond in subsequent blogs. Find us at http://www.divorceinformationnow.com

order to develop DIVORCE Information NOW products and services we worked with
lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, therapists as well as people who have
been through the divorce process, in order to determine what each constituency
felt we should include.

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bibledoctor02 February 22, 2013 at 02:49 PM
the old timers were masters in marriage [people born before 1930] getting a divorce from your creator will be a lot worse.
Glen K Dunbar February 22, 2013 at 03:05 PM
My wife and I would never split up. Granted, we are different as night and day. but, deep down we love each other though maybe not in a passionate way. But, we get along for the most part. I wish She would stop telling me I am wrong all the time and telling me what I can and can't do. Wish She would bond more w/our daughter..Wish this abyss town and State would GET her and OFFER her a job. We are in deep poverty and people are just laughing at me as they run to the banks. Yes, I KNOW it is personally against me. No question about it.
Siwanoy February 22, 2013 at 05:12 PM
for all the people getting a divorce while your happiness is important, keep in mind the happiness of your children try hard not to bad mouth your ex spouse.. at least in front of your children. And don't be surprised after you ask for a divorce and get it that your ex may find a new women or man quicker then you.. remember, you divorced them because you didn't want to be with them.
Glen K Dunbar February 22, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Very good advice. As I said and somehow my post "disappeared" Umm. My wife and I not have the best marriage. but, we stay together for our daughter. Also, No money to go our own way. I wish this Abyss town New Canaan would GIVE/OFFER my wife a job. My poor daughter is knocking on poverty door because nobody wants to help me and keeps telling me to do it myself. EVEN when I am NOT able either physical or emotionally. Get w/the picture. Wake up and smell the coffee.


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