Rep. Carter Appointed to Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children's Safety

Yesterday State Rep. Dan Carter was appointed to a new bipartisan legislative task force on gun violence prevention and school safety in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Yesterday State Rep. Dan Carter (R-2) was appointed to the newly formed bipartisan legislative task force on gun violence prevention and school safety in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The task force will conduct a review of current law and make recommendations on a range of potential legislation to prevent gun violence, enhance school security and ensure the availability of mental health services in Connecticut.

"Each and every one of us cares deeply about Connecticut and I am honored Rep. Cafero appointed me to this task force," Rep. Hovey said. "Working together we will be able to contribute ideas for thoughtful legislation to address the serious issues of mental health services, school safety and violent crime. I'm confident we will be able to create legislation that benefits the entire state."

"The issues we will grapple with are multi-faceted, complicated issues that elicit very strong emotions from members of our community and beyond," said Rep. Carter, who represents the southwestern portion of Newtown. "With direction from the people of Newtown, I look forward to taking meaningful action to help make our state safer and more secure as our families continue to heal and contend with this new reality." He added "I would like to thank legislative leadership for recognizing the importance of including the Newtown Delegation in this task force."

"My role as a member of this task force will be to serve as a voice for the people of Newtown as we craft legislation and policy that, I believe, will have far reaching, positive impacts. The strength and caring of this community is already manifesting itself in the form of "Community Conversations" and powerful grass roots groups who want to make our world better, safer place for children and families." said Rep. Bolinsky, a Newtown resident who represents 85% of the community in the General Assembly. "I remain committed to a thoughtful, deliberate approach to this process and look forward to analyzing these issues from all angles to develop a workable, comprehensive set of solutions."

Legislative leadership has appointed Rep. Hovey to the subcommittee on mental health, Rep. Carter to the subcommittee on gun control and Rep. Bolinsky to the subcommittee on school safety.

The task force will provide recommendations for a bipartisan emergency certified bill in March.

The first full meeting of the task force will occur on Friday, January 18th at 1:30pm in Room 2E. The group will conduct at least one public hearing before creating a final package of legislation.

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Barbara Reynolds January 17, 2013 at 12:40 PM
I find this very disturbing in light of the fact that Rep Carter recently talked (pre-election debate in Redding) about inviting the NRA into schools to discuss guns with students.
Concerned Parent & Gun Owner January 18, 2013 at 10:20 AM
Rep Carter will bring a measure of sanity to the witch hunt to blame guns for the tragedy in Newtown. His experience as a gun owner and shooter will lend some real-world wisdom to emotional arguments being made by people who have never handled a gun in their lives. For anyone looking for "common sense" change that will actually work, such a perspective should be welcome. Barbara, you may see the NRA as evil but there is no organization in the country that does more to teach our youth about respect for firearms and the safe handling of guns. I have put all four of my sons through NRA youth programs just so that they know something about guns. An informed kid is a safer kid, especially should a gun show up in the wrong place like a playdate. The sad part of our modern suburban lives is that our kids don't know anything about firearms making them ignorant of the real danger they can pose when abused. Every child in America should have to take a firearms safety class, we would likely mitigate some accidental shootings involving children when irresponsible gun-owning parents leave guns in unsecured locations. Just my $0.02


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