Easton Doc: Don't Get Stopped on Your Vacation

A Trumbull GI doctor has invented a new pill to ease traveler's constipation.

Credit: Begoodtogo.com
Credit: Begoodtogo.com
After 20 years in the business gastrointestinal business, Dr. Ed Levine of Easton, who has a practice in Trumbull, said he's identified a common problem that's not in the medical textbook: traveler's constipation.

"Constipation is not a problem that people bring up to their friends," said Levine. But he recently made the connection between traveling and irregularity after talking with patients who travel.

Levine said his product, available at www.BeGoodToGo.com and in selected stores in the area including Whole Foods in Fairfield, is formulated with organic ingredients. The Website was started in March.

"Traveler's Constipation is the travel secret nobody ever talks about, but it's a real thing. Allium Research and Analytics recently surveyed 1,002 Americans who had traveled at least once in the last year for a minimum of three consecutive nights for business or leisure, and found that 48 percent of travelers suffered from constipation during their trip," Levine said.

The cause differs, from changes in schedule, different diet and mealtimes, dehydration to sitting for long periods of time in cars or planes, but the result is the same.

"There's often a psychological aspect as well, including anxiety, stress and the "home bowl" issue, or the preference for your own bathroom, he added.

The product stops the problem before it starts, and works predictably, Levine said.

"Good To Go
[sic] is a simple four-day regimen of vegetable-based capsules containing an all-natural blend of proven bulk, stimulant and osmotic ingredients including Psyllium Husk and Chia Seed Power, Prune and Apricot extract, Aloe Vera,  Senna Leaf Powder, and naturally occurring Magnesium," according to Levine.


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