Connecticut Consumers Gobble up Lottery Tickets as Powerball Climbs to $425 million

Lottery players are flocking to ticket outlets today as the Powerball jackpot reaches a new record high.


There was no winner in the $325 million Powerball lottery drawing this weekend, which has sent the Powerball jackpot up to a record-breaking $425 million for Wednesday's drawing. 

The lure of all that loot has millions of lottery players in 42 states across the country, including Connecticut, flocking to lottery outlets to buy the $2 tickets and for a chance to be a multi-millionaire, USA today reports. The prize could even go beyond $425 million if the rush for tickets between now and Wednesday is even greater than lottery officials anticipate.

The newspaper says that in Connecticut on Sunday lottery buyers began turning out at ticket outlets, such as gas stations and 24-hour convenience stores, in the early morning hours to check the winning numbers from Saturday's drawing. They also began buying tickets after learning there had been no Powerball winner and that the jackpot had climbed to $425 million, USA Today says in its report.

Powerball is a multi-state game with jackpots that start at $40 million. The jackpots increase at least $10 Million between each drawing and grow until they are won, according to the Connecticut Lottery website. Powerball jackpot drawings are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday night. 


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