Blue Parrot Brings Live Music to Westport

A stellar menu and live entertainment may soon draw crowds to the 5,700 square-foot venue across from the Saugatuck Train Station.

After nearly two years of vacancy, new tenants of the massive building at 60 Charles Street intend to bring nightlife and more delicious food to Saugatuck.

The tenants, Westport resident Adam Lubarsky and his partner and chef, Steve Alward, previously owned Redding’s Georgetown Saloon from 1978 to 2004, a business that they opened in their 20s, according to Skip Lane, director of the global commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.

“All these restaurants are thriving so well in Fairfield and Saugatuck, they are going to take advantage of the people leaving those restaurants,” Lane said.

Lubarsky is busy working to get the place ready for opening, which could be as soon as October 1. He is refurbishing the inside with new kitchen equipment, a stage and a bar, and he is having the lot repaved.

“He has to go through zoning to get approval to do what he wants with the bar and the stage,” Lane said. “I think he will get it pretty quick because he is not asking for anything drastic.”

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“The streets kind of roll up in Saugatuck at 10 o'clock and the idea is to have somewhere to go with some good live music,” Lane said. “They will also have a pretty serious menu.”

Alward is a very accomplished chef who has worked at many restaurants in the area, Lane said.

The building sat vacant for years because it was leased to clients who did not have the money to open their business, according to Lane.

“It was tied up a long time with a bunch of crooks from up in Danbury," he said. 

The tenants signed a lease and were not financially capable of opening a restaurant.

“They hired us to find somebody who was going to put their money where their mouth was,” Lane said, adding that is just what the new tenants have done. 

Paul July 16, 2012 at 10:33 PM
It's the Blu Parrot.


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