Linda McMahon for the US Senate

Arthur Christopher Schaper is a California resident appealing to Connecticut voters to elect Linda McMahon to the US Senate on November 6th.

To the Voters of Connecticut:

My name is Arthur Christopher Schaper, a resident of Torrance, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles.

I have been following the 2012 Senate contests which have taken the national spotlight over the past few months. The Connecticut contest caught my attention in part because the GOP primary would pit well-known and long-lasting stalwart Christopher Shays vs. Linda McMahon.

I watched with avid interest as former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon ran against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for the Senate seat vacated by Chris Dodd in 2010.

She reached out to the voters, she demonstrated a qualified command of the issues that affect the voters of Connecticut. Ultimately, she lost the election, but she established that a fiscally conservative candidate could make her case to the voters in her state.

Now she is running again in the general election, and this time she will be facing off against Congressman Chris Murphy of the 5th Congressional District. Chris Murphy has more baggage to contend with, and Ms. McMahon has the experience in the private sector, plus her skills as a communicator, to provide a comprehensive business plan to help create jobs, stop the spending, and get this country back on track toward a booming economic recovery.

Unlike her predecessors, Ms. McMahon runs an unconventional campaign, reaching out to voters in their homes directly instead of appealing for support through indirect media outlets.

McMahon’s Six Points Jobs Plan is comprehensive, unlike anything that I have read here in California, where job-killing regulations (including Cap and Trade along with some of the highest taxes in the union) are pushing businesses out of the Golden State. McMahon’s plan is not only impressive in itself, but the details within the plan outline that her business savvy coupled with her skills at summarizing key issues to voters place her in a well-deserved advantage ahead of her Washington-insider challenger, Chris Murphy.

Ms. McMahon’s Six Point Plan includes the following:

1. Middle-class tax cuts that would diminish rates from 25% to 15%, removing capital gains, death and gift taxes, while expanding deductions for education expenses and removing penalties for making withdrawals from IRAs.

2. Cut the business tax rate down from 25% to 15% -- stop the taxes on our small businesses. They create the jobs that stay in the United States.

3. End Job-killing regulations like ObamaCare (which is highly unpopular --

4. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, and cut real spending by 1% every year.

5. End the overlap in employment training, invest in public-private partnerships, and employ our veterans.

6. Build the XL Keystone Pipeline and release permits to drill oil and natural gas. Invest in nuclear energy.


Whereas McMahon wants to ease the tax burden on Connecticut voters, Chris Murphy is one of the most anti-tax relief legislators in Congress (See

Noteworthy endorsements for Ms. McMahon include former Connecticut Secretary of State Pauline R. Kezer, former Connecticut member and assistant GOP leader of the Connecticut House of Representatives from 1979 to 1986. 21-year Congressman Chris Shays has also endorsed his former primary opponent, despite having lost to her by 3-to-1. Based on her success stunning in the GOP primary, McMahon is clearly much more than a Tea Party upstart.

Beyond McMahon's ad campaign, what has ingratiated the Connecticut voters to Ms. McMahon is her experience as an entrepreneur, as opposed to a career politician. In contrast, Congressman Chris Murphy has voted in lock-step with the unpopular Obama juggernaut of tax-and-spend, rule-and-fine, waste-and-want: an unappealing and appalling resume. McMahon, a survivor from childhood poverty and bankruptcy in the corporate world, has streamlined and mainstreamed a multi-million dollar organization. This woman understands the needs and concerns of her constituents.

Connecticut deserves better than unaccountable incumbents, and so does the rest of the country. Vote for Linda McMahon for the US Senate November 6th!

--) and Dodd-Frank. The REINS act would require transparency and efficiency in the passage and implementation of regulations which normal stall growth and diminish innovation.www.lindasplan.com)Murphy's Tax Record). The Alliance for Worker Freedom has given Mr. Murphy an outstanding our poor 0% rating (Murphy on Worker Freedom). Most disturbing of all, Mr. Murphy voted in line with his more liberal caucus. He voted for the economy-dragging stimulus bill, job-killing Cap and Trade, access-limiting ObamaCare, and even school vouchers for students enrolled in failing D.C. schools (Murphy's Dismal Voting Record) Time and again, Murphy has voter with her party and against the best interests of the state of Connecticut and the United States. Up to this moment, Mr. Murphy still has not provided a comprehensive jobs plan akin to Ms. McMahon’s. Like President Obama, Congressman Murphy cannot run on his record of supporting high taxes and job-killing, revenue wasting regulations.

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S Tadik September 03, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Maybe he meant that the big city political machine operatives in his state wouldn’t be able to vote for dead people or drive around from polling place to polling place to vote for people who had moved out of state or credential illegals, etc. The Carnegie-Knight report in more than 50 pages talks about all these issues in 2005. Both Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican James A. Baker, III, who chaired the Report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform in September 2005, say, “We are recommending a photo ID system for voters designed to increase registration with a more affirmative and aggressive role for states in finding new voters and providing free IDs for those without driver’s licenses.“ Why -- 7 years later -- are we just now getting going? Did some politicians delay because they hoped the public would lose interest and the fraudulent methods could be continued? Did other politicians think they could wait until there wouldn’t be enough time for their opponents to get their voters legit? These are cynical times and we have seen enough of them in the Next Station to Heaven. Vote carefully. Old habits die slowly.
Concerned Parent September 04, 2012 at 04:44 PM
"FACT" does not equal "TRUTH"...People need to use fact to find truth...Too bad they are too lazy to do it...
Esprit de Corps September 04, 2012 at 10:56 PM
M. Ed, please help me with what you have just said because it is not clear to me. When I go to the online dictionary and look up "fact", I see "truth" listed as a synonymn. When do you mean them to be different? How are they different? Please clarify. Are you using "facts" as evidence to establish "true" conclusions? You need correct reasoning when you manipulate facts to produce true statements, is it not so?
Cliff Cuming September 04, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Wiki defines "fact"...A fact (derived from the Latin factum, see below) is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability, that is whether it can be proven to correspond to experience. Standard reference works are often used to check facts. Scientific facts are verified by repeatable experiments, mathematical facts by logical proofs." A statement that is not factual can be a lie, an error, an opinion or a wild a$$ guess.
Chandra Johnson Greene September 04, 2012 at 11:11 PM
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