THE DISH: Chicken and Beef Satay from Yamato

This appetizer skewer dish comes with a spicy roasted peanut sauce.

This is a tasty, simple dish that comes with a small, but delicious bang, thanks to Yamato on Seventh Avenue.

The Beef and Chicken Satay features four skewers, two with red meat and two with poultry, covered with scallions and red and green peppers.

The aspect of this appetizer, which is $8.71, is the sauce made with roasted peanuts.

Dipping is a must, for the slightly grainy sauce has a slight spice that heats your tongue and emphasizes the grilled meats’ simple, but full flavor.

A delicious combination of grilled and roasted flavors makes for a must-get dish.

Plus, anything on a stick just tastes better, right?

Victoria Hart Glavin September 05, 2012 at 12:00 PM


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