Metro-North Puts Schedule Changes in Place on Danbury Line

A malfunctioning grade crossing system — and the work necessary to fix it — have necessitated the changes.

A Metro-North railroad crossing in Redding, Conn. Credit: Patch File Photo
A Metro-North railroad crossing in Redding, Conn. Credit: Patch File Photo

For rail commuters on Metro-North's Danbury line, things might get a little worse before they get better.

In an effort to fix the malfunctioning grade crossing system, Metro-North has put a temporary service schedule in place. Details of the schedule are below.

The new grade crossing system — to alert motorists when a train is coming — has been malfunctioning. It's been going off even when trains aren't coming.

As a safety precaution, the malfunction necessitated "Stop and Warn" procedures at each crossing, which has resulted in delays. Under the "Stop and Warn" system, trains must stop at each crossing and wait till the signals activate before continuing, instead of just traveling straight through as they normally would.

Metro-North said the temporary service schedule, which is in effect until further notice, is needed so crews can fix the malfunctioning system. 

"We are implementing these service changes to improve your commute, and are working to resume a regular schedule as soon as possible," Metro-North said. "We regret any inconvenience you may experience as a result of these service changes."

The temporary Danbury Line schedule is as follows:

Weekday Peak

  • All AM Peak trains will depart Danbury 8-10 minutes earlier.
  • PM Peak trains from South Norwalk to Danbury will arrive up to 11 minutes later.
  • AM Reverse Peak service between South Norwalk and Danbury (the 7:33 AM & 8:48 AM train from South Norwalk) will be bused.

Weekday Off-Peak Busing (Monday to Friday)

Departing Danbury (to South Norwalk): Buses will substitute for all trains and leave Danbury up to 25 minutes earlier.

Departing South Norwalk (to Danbury): All trains will be bused and arrive in Danbury up to 20 minutes later, except the 4:15 PM from South Norwalk to Danbury, which will operate as a train and arrive in Danbury 11 minutes later.

Weekend Substitute Busing

  • All trains will be bused.
  • Buses will leave Danbury (to South Norwalk) up to 14 minutes earlier;
  • Buses departing South Norwalk (to Danbury) will arrive up to 20 minutes later.

See schedule info.

See schedule PDF.


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