Lachat Benefit This Sunday

The Friends of Lachat are inviting their neighbors to learn about one of the links to Weston's past.

rests quietly in northern Weston, abutting Devil's Den and hugging Godfrey Road West towards Newtown Turnpike. , has been the subject of .

But all that , at least sort of.

On Sunday, Oct. 2, the Friends of Lachat are hosting a benefit to save the Lachat farmhouse — which has fallen into disrepair over the years — from demolition.

"You’ve probably pulled up to the magnificent property to drop off your kids with their sleds on a perfect snowy day and watched as they happily spent hours slipping and sliding along the gentle meadows," said Dierdre Doran in a press release. "Now: a fully functioning farm, and to restore the 1770 house to its pre-Revolutionary War grandeur."

According to Doran, in March, a plan to demolish the house was proposed.

"The outer structure, including parts of the roof and porch, has deteriorated so seriously that it has become an eyesore," she said. "Many people have lamented the loss of such a historic jewel, but no one came forth to improve the situation. Now someone has. What’s a farm without a farmhouse?"

The benefit — scheduled to run from 5 to 7 p.m. — will include "tapas, toasts and testimonials." The suggested donation per family is $20.

"The benefit is open to everyone," Doran said, adding there's no need to RSVP. "Children are welcome because ultimately the town farm will truly benefit the children. There will be food and drinks. And there will be information about the house and the town farm concept."


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