Eastonite of the Week: Robert Webbe

Patch catches up with an independent write-in candidate for First Selectman.

Name: Robert Webbe

Occupation: Sales Executive, New Chapter Inc.

Family: Wife of 31 years, son Rob, daughter Edith

How long have you lived in Easton?

Just over three wonderful years.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I am in the health care field and I am very fortunate to help cancer patients improve their standard of life. I work with research projects and clinical studies at some of the preeminent hospitals in the country.

What prompted you to run as write-in candidate for First Selectman?

The awareness that things at the highest level of town government are dysfunctional. This management style filters down and is affecting our taxes and increasing the debt load on Eastonites.

What ideals do you bring to the table?

Integrity and respect for others are two ideals missing from present leadership. I believe open dialogue is an asset in solving problems and I want to encourage renewal through community involvement.

What is your plan for the town of Easton?

There are very talented people that should be tapped to serve on committees and task forces to right this unsteady ship called Easton. The problems we face will need a concerted effort on the part of the entire community. If the community is properly informed of the challenges they will become engaged.

What do you think the challenges are for Easton residents?

The top challenge is to deal with the debt that we have incurred. We rank #1 in per capita debt in Connecticut. Another challenge is improve our Emergency Services Plan. A third is slow the increase of property taxes.

Why should they vote for you?

I want to include people in the process of governing: Town meetings, task forces and restoring authority to elected officials. I want to make town officials more accessible to the citizens.

What is your favorite thing about Easton?

Paine Open Space is right next to our house and I enjoy hiking with there my family.

What is your favorite spot in Easton?

The Town Store and Greiser's, because of the stimulating discussion, they're the heartbeat of the community.


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