Eastonite of the Week: Lily Tencic [Video]

As we start to see back to school sales, Patch talks to award-winning inventor from Samuel Staples Elementary School.

Name: Lily Tencic

Age: 9                                               

Occupation: Student at and Award Winning Inventor.

What do you enjoy most about SSES?

The Invention Convention

What is invention convention?

It is a program that helps kids imagine things that they can make. At the Connecticut Invention Convention there were a lot of big companies who were there to see what we had invented, Microsoft, GE and others. They all were there to see our work.

What did you have to do to earn a spot at the convention?

I had to think of a really good project to invent and then I needed to practice and rehearse my presentation because that was just as important to the judges as my invention.

What did you have to do at the convention?

Well I needed to be confident about my project and myself. So I practiced my lines with my dad. At the convention there were eight to nine kids in a unit and we all had our inventions on a table. The judges came by to listen to our presentations.

What was your prize for wining at the convention?

I won a $100 U.S. savings bond and some other gifts from Microsoft and the companies that sponsored the convention.

What inspired you to make a tree feeder?

At Christmas time when I am at school my Nona usually waters the tree. When I got older I started to do it for her. I noticed how hard it was. I would get sap in my hair and the pine needles. Nona could not bend that easy any more so I came up with an idea for the easy tree feeder. I also added a tube and funnel to make it easier for older people to water their tree without having to bend over.

What were the difficulties you faced if any while making it?

Drilling the holes in the metal can, which is the trees main water pot. Also the waterproof glue was hard to work with it kept falling off.

Do you have any plans to market and sell it at some of our local Tree Farms?

Many people have asked me that. So I am in the process of making a how-to video so people can build their own. With our project we could not spend more than $20 and as you can see I have two milk cartons, a can, a funnel and some hose. You can find most of these items at no cost in your recycle bin.

What college would you want attend and what do you want to study?

Yale. I want to become a veterinarian.

What caused you to get interested in that field?

I love animals. I can always make cats or dogs go to sleep.

What is your favorite thing about Easton?

The open space in Easton and the farms, woods and places you can roam.

What is your favorite spot in Easton?

Home, it’s the most relaxing place I know.

Favorite thing you like to do?

I like to play soccer, basketball, take nature walks, catching bugs, reading, petting my cats, art, the piano, singing and performing arts. I also like digging in the dirt to find special rocks. I found a piece of crystal at my grandparents house last week.


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